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General Questions

This site is used to display a HYIP investing portfolio run by Stacksofcoin. It is designed using a conservative approach to HYIP investing where the priority is to minimize risk of total loss rather than to maximize profit. As such, it may not suit all HYIP investors and should not be used as investing advice or construed as warranty of a result. Please note that it is only updated once daily and it may not reflect all HYIPs on the Stacksofcoin HYIP monitor.
No, this portfolio is used to display my active investments and should not be relied upon for making investment decisions. For a reliable HYIP monitor see Stacksofcoin HYIP Monitor
Yes you can, but please keep in mind that it is only updated daily and may not provide suitable real-time information. Also, note that my investments in HYIPs may be completed at any time regardless if the HYIP is still paying.
Yeah sure, no problem if you know html, css, php, javascript, sql, jquery, then go for it. Currently this portfolio only provides support for a single portfolio, but this will hopefully be expanded in the future.

Portfolio Questions

Quite simply, it is a portfolio of HYIP investments. It is used to quickly and easily see where and when I am investing. It also shows, how much I am investing and for how long as well as the overall performance of my investing.
A HYIP portfolio is just a collection of my HYIP investments that measures my investment performance over time. Each listed program will have a start date, investment amount, return, and end date
This portfolio is for bitcoin HYIPs only, and specifically bitcoin HYIPs that DO NOT convert bitcoin to US dollars. It is also only for good quality HYIPs such as low to mid-paying principal release and principal included programs. I do not invest in bitcoin doublers, hourly plans, or 'after 1 day' programs with this portfolio.
This portfolio is only a subset of the Stacksofcoin HYIIP monitor. My monitor may have different HYIPs which are listed simply for monitoring purposes such as low-level investments simply to 'monitor' the performance. It also may have programs that are US dollar based and not suitable for this 'bitcoin-only' portfolio. Please refer to the previous question for more information.

Technical Questions

The performance of the portfolio is measured by comparing the current value of the portfolio at any time to the initial investment. This is known as the 'Total Return'
It is the total return on my initial investment of 0.5 BTC. Greater than 100% means I am in profit, and less than 100% means that I am losing bitcoin.
As each investment progresses, withdrawals are added to the BTC balance, and losses are subtracted to give the current value of the portfolio. Then, the portfolio return is just a percentage amount that measures the current value relative to the initial investment of the portfolio. Simply: %Return = Current Value / Initial Investment * 100.
They don't because the total value of the portfolio is just a function of the amount invested and amount withdrawn.
The Average ROI as displayed on the Statistics Page is calculated using the finished and scam HYIPs to get the 'true' average ROI of all the finished investments. It does not take into account any of the current active investments or the initial portfolio value.

HYIP Questions

No, it is not. In fact, it is very high-risk and it is likely you will lose your entire investment. If you are new to HYIP investing then please get as much information as you can before investing. A good place to start is Stacksofcoin HYIP Basics.
HYIP investing is great fun, but it is not a way to get rich or replace an income - it is way too risky to rely solely on the income regardless of what anyone says. It is essentially gambling, and just like gambling all winning streaks come to an end. And just like gamblers, HYIP investors rarely tellĀ of the losses.
I recommend bitcoin principal release HYIPs, which are also known as 'piggy-banks'. Generally, they have a low minimum invest, and you can release your investment at any time (typically after 24 hours). However, this does not mean they are lower risk - it simply means they are 'better for beginners'.
DISCLAIMER: HYIP investing is risky. DO NOT invest more than you can afford to lose!

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