Last Updated: 02 Jan 2018


Welcome to the active HYIP Portfolio.


Here you will find where my active HYIP investments are and be able to accurately track my progress. Hey, you can even follow closely and try and repeat (or even better) my results. When I started this portfolio I allocated 0.5 BTC and I use this as the base for all calculations. My goal is to grow this amount as much as possible while maintaining a conseravative approach to minimize losses. I am not counting any referral commissions or other HYIP invcentives - simply calculating profit from HYIPs so that anybody can repeat this portfolio.

My Simple Rules

I have lots of rules I use when selecting HYIPs for stacksofcoin listings, but for this portfolio I will be following a simpler set of rules to try and make it easier for my followers:

  1. Bitcoin HYIPs only (no US dollar converting HYIPs)
  2. No bitcoin doublers, hourly plans, or 'after 1 day' programs
  3. A single investment may not exceed 10% of the total portfolio value
  4. Referral commissions not counted as return

Why a HYIP Portfolio

A portfolio is a great tool for any type of investing because it allows you to track progress of your investment and gives you a quick and easy way to see the good and the bad. Sometimes this can be painful (especially for HYIPs), but it can also help you to learn and not make the same mistakes again. A portfolio can be as simple as a piece of paper that you write down some basic info, a simple spreadsheet that can do calculations, or a fancy web interface like this one!

It doesn't really matter what type of portfolio you choose to be honest - whatever works for you. I find that being able to see your investments and where each one is up to gives you more confidence and helps you make better decisions. For example, if you suddenly lose badly it can cloud your decision making and you may miss the next 300% program, but if you can see that you have made good returns on a few other HYIPs as well, then the decision might be a lot clearer and the loss not so bad.

Investing Basics

HYIP investing is risky, but if you are willing to accept the risk of losing your investment then HYIPs can be a simple and quick way to increase your investment. The beauty of HYIPs is the high rate of interest they can pay. Generally, the higher the profit, the higher the risk. There are many other factors that increase the risk of HYIP investing, but after some investing experience you can start to reduce the risk. At all times you should remember that this type of investing can result in quick and complete loss of your investment.

More Information

For more information about my HYIP portfolio or HYIP investing in general please read my FAQs where I have attempted to answer as many questions as I can. If you need more information you can visit and use the contact page there, or you can try and catch me on the public chat.

DISCLAIMER: HYIP investing is risky. DO NOT invest more than you can afford to lose!

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